How to Choose Kayak ? Which One is Right for Me !

Before jumping on the types of kayaks available to you for purchase it is essential to know which type of kayaking you want to pursue. Because all the kayaks designed and manufactured are not suitable for water everywhere and any kind of fishing it is necessary that you first determine the location you are going to be in, the kind of water you will be sailing on, the height of the water, the water pressure etc to know exactly what would suit your needs. The fishing kayaks can be made to choose only after you determine where you want to go sailing. And to make you understand it better we have distinct categories for the type of fishing you want to go. How to choose kayak from the below categories and you will be able to better understand the kind of kayak you shall need.

How to Choose Kayak

  • Fresh water kayak fishing

Fresh water kayak fishing is mostly about sailing around lakes and rivers the water of which is quite moving but not drastically salty or life tragic. There is calmness around and the area or stretch of the water is not as much as compared to the oceans. And thus there are two types of fresh water kayak fishing.

  • Still water : This is the body of water where the water isnt moving much. This can be a pond, lake or a river which does not move. For these kind of places hand paddling, short and lightweight kayaks are the best choice. Choose a kayak which has a high initial stability and has a moderate degree of rocker. Like the sit on top and sit inside kayaks are the best to suit here. The paddles required here are big ones as when the water is still riding the kayaks at a speed is the issue and there is a need to move fast to catch the fish. And so bigger paddles provide better speed.
  • Moving water : This is the water body where the water is moving at a relatively fast pace to enable fishing but not really easy to be stable with the kayaks. And so there is a need to have a kayak which lives the challenge of moving water and does not fall off at an instant. There shall be hurdles and obstacles and hence there is a need to have a strong body and hard structure to prevent the kayak from breaking. Thus sit inside and Coleman kayaks are best suited for moving water fishing.

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  • Saltwater fishing kayak

When we talk of saltwater all that we can think of is a sea or an ocean. Well sea or ocean is the right place to go fishing because that is exactly the bed of fishes and you are bound to have amazing experience shipping in the sea. It may at time sound risky and be very difficult to focus on the risk factor but it is important to choose the kayaks which have all the safety attachments and are able to make you feel safer with their usage. There are two kinds of saltwater bodies for fishing, they are :

  • Inshore water : Inshore water is basically the sea or ocean area within a limit of about 70 feet or less. As this area is bound to be covered with a bed of stones, inlets, bays, etc there shall not be much of a need of big paddles or leg paddles. A kayak of average height and moderate degree of rocker will work. With not much paddling required and not so many accessories to take on board the inshore water fishing can be really easy and comfortable to do. For this the sit on top kayaks are the best. One should also keep in mind that as the inshore water is of the sea the risk is high and hence there is a need of unsinkable kayaks with deep hull is the best for the purpose. The kayaks when sailed on sea are not just required to have an initial stability but also a high degree of secondary stability.
  • Off shore water : Off shore water is the big water sailing for which there is no limit. The sea and ocean are open for fishing and thus there is a need for better safety methods and a safer kayak. For kayakers these is the ultimate experience and thus sit-inside and Coleman kayaks are the best suited for the purpose as they keep half the body inside and protected saving the kayak from rolling even in high water pressure while keeping all the accessories handy. Paddling requirement is high and hence multiple paddles and even leg paddling would work best. The kayak which has the most loaded accessories, hard body, deep hull and has space for 2-3 paddling systems suits the off shore water. There is needed a very high degree of initial stability and secondary stability. As the weather over the off shore water cannot be predicted the sit inside kayaks best suit the needs of the off shore fishing.
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  • How to Choose Kayak ? Which One is Right for Me !
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