5 Must-Have Kayak Fishing Accessories that you Must Carry Everytime

Kayaking has turned out to be one of the most popular sports in Europe and has recently gained great prominence in the USA. Although not many would know a lot about this sport it is essentially a fantastic and enjoyable way to keep yourself fit while actually having a lot of fun. Add another favorite pastime fishing this already popular activity and you have an all new form of outdoor recreation. Kayak Fishing is pretty similar to fishing just that in this case you will be fishing from a Kayak instead off a river bank. Before you start panicking, let me tell you that both of them are quite simple and pretty similar except for a few basic differences. In this article we shall discuss those basics and explain the top 5 kayak fishing accessories so that by the time you start Kayak fishing you will become knowledgeable to large extent.

Top 5 Kayak Fishing Accessories

Kayak Fishing is such an activity that is associated with a lot of accessories and that demands innovation in the concerned market. We have browsed through a lot of stuff regarding kayak fishing accessories and after a lot of researches concluded a list of the top 5 accessories that are trending in the current kayak fishing market.

1. Gear Accessory Tracks :

Gear Accessory Tracks

Ever since the arrival of kayak fishing gears and accessories, Scotty has always provided excellent accessories and gears to Kayak anglers and  they still continue to do so. They have come up with an improvement on gear track and it is a world class development. There are two different versions of the all new track varying in size- a four-inch version and an eight-inch version. This low-profile track has to be mounted on the kayak boat using self-tapping stainless bolt-screws. The edges are beveled, much to our liking, which allows them to stay low with respect to the deck and also prevents any type of snags. All adapters are accepted by this track which means any Scotty accessory can fit into it.

2. The Juice Box :

The Juice Box

One problem with trying to add electronic appliances to Kayaks is limitations of supplying power to run them. Coming to our aid is the new Juice Box from YakGear that can carry sufficient juice to run all the lights and cameras and the other electronic appliances and also keep them charged all day. It constitutes of a 12 volt, 11 Ah lithium battery which is cased inside a IP66 waterproof housing. It has ports to insert USB cables for charging cameras and phones and moreover it contains DC input as well as output supplies. A digital display enhances charging options by showing the amount of battery charge and an indicator. It has the capability to run for 9 hours after a 3 to 4-hour charge up. It also comes at a convenient cost of $139.

3. The CommandStand :

The CommandStand

YakAttack has finally come to the aid of Kayak anglers in a big way by  showcasing their A-game with a range of products all too fascinating and helpful. But the best one by and far is the standup bar namely CommandStand. This comes at a time where more Kayak anglers are getting inclined towards stand-up fishing. It has a width adjustment facility and can easily be attached to the Kayak. With the help of a couple of pins it can be removed easily and an additional use can be achieved when it is not in use by laying it flat and getting improved padding. The legs made of Aluminum can be mounted directly to the Kayak deck or to the gear tracks. In this way not much weight is added to the Kayak boat. It comes with MightyMount new clamps and with PaddlePark. One of the most favorite aspects of the CommandStand is that it is equipped with threaded ends placed on the handle that allows it to accept any kind of accessories. It is completely customized with designs that accept all components made by YakAttack or any other manufacturer.

4. Anchor System for Small Boat :

Anchor System for Small Boat

While you are engaged in fishing your kayak needs to stay still and in one position inside the water. Small boats and kayaks are very much prone to wind drift and therefore an anchor system becomes an unavoidable accessory. The anchor weighs 3 and 1/3 pounds and contains four flukes which have fold-in capacity which ensures a secure hold on the bottom. It is sufficiently compact so that it can be packed away in every small package. The rope attached is 25 feet in length and is of Marine grade.

5. Kayak Cable Lock :

Kayak Cable Lock

The brand new attraction in the kayak fishing equipment market, the locking cables with lock and key facilities is brought by Propel and is essentially a very innovative find. With the new age Kayak equipments being all too expensive such as costly boats, rods and coolers you would always be aware so that no one takes away your hard-earned property. This new cable lock is specifically constructed so that it ensures security through reels, rods and coolers and even Kayak scuppers. The steel cable has a vinyl coating to abstain it from rust whereas the keyed lock has a chrome coated surface and is made of brass. A beautiful aspect of the lock is its design which allows maximum strength and security in a cable of small diameter for kayak sports accessories.

6. Leverage Landing Net :

Leverage Landing Net

Hoop with foam extension: – YakAttack released their next in line kayak accessory which is Leverage Landing net equipped with a forearm grip for incomparable control and stability. The handle is foldable which makes the net easily starable.

7. Flushmount Adapta Post :

Flushmount Adapta Post

The latest introduction from RAM Mounts is the all new innovative Flushmount Adapta post. This adapter is constructed very creatively and has the ability to turn a flushmount rod holder into a strong gear head mount. A raised rod holder can be added to keep the rod and the reel from getting wet. With a raised rod holder, you also have the added advantage of angling the rod in any specific direction. Keep your gear high as well as dry by switching out for any of RAM’s accessories. Although new to the market this innovation has been hogging most of the limelight due to its creative approach and effective functionality.

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  • 5 Must-Have Kayak Fishing Accessories that you Must Carry Everytime
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